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Investors Take Charge: Those Seeking Advice Shift Toward Lower Cost Options - Los Angeles Times

“If you’re trusting someone with your financial decisions, they should have your best interest first.”


Stephen Rischall Ranked #9 on INVESTOPEDIA 100 List of Top Influential Financial Advisors - Investopedia

“Our modern approach challenges the status quo of the financial services industry"


InvestmentNews Recognizes Stephen Rischall as one of its 40 Under 40 Honorees - InvestmentNews

“Being a fiduciary is a major responsibility, but it's easier to help people when you have their best interests top of mind.”

Don't Know Your Mortgage Rate? Here's Why That's Bad - Forbes.com

“Understanding your mortgage is key to having a plan to reach your goal for that property..”


How You Can Protect Your Investments from a Crash - KNX 1070 News Radio

“There's definitely a few things you want to make sure you do to be prepared and I would say the first thing is rebalancing."


A Plan to Divide the Family Business - The Wall Street Journal

“The lesson here is that you’re better off having these discussions now rather than arguing about them later”

#MeToo Spurs Investors to Move Money to Companies That Support Women -  CNBC

“You can seek to add to specific investments in companies you want to support, but don't let that get in the way of designing a well-diversified portfolio.”

Why ETFs Should Be in Your 401(k) - The Street

“Compared to mutual funds, ETFs have lower fund expenses, because they tend to be passively managed funds that track a particular index"

Why Millennials are Wary of Advisers - InvestmentNews

Millennials have a bad taste in their mouth from the recession and they just don't trust Wall street, they don't trust big corporations"


Why the Financial Industry is Still Broken - Investopedia

“When large firms get caught for violating rules, they simply pay the fines and move on — it’s business as usual"


75% of Adults Get a Failing Grade on Retirement Cash Needs - The Street

“Overconfidence causes people to overestimate their level of preparedness and underestimate risks

Money Hour: Millennials and Saving For Retirement - KNX 1070 News Radio

“To be smart with money, you need to develop some mental toughness because money and emotions, they're connected.”

How to Control your Company Cash Flow - CBS News  

"Successful businesses require a strong financial foundation, it’s critical to keep track of your business’s finances from day one."

The Future of Our Business - InvestmentNews  

"It’s important for us to engage our clients, their children, and young professionals to help them develop the tools to build a solid financial foundation today."


Should I Hire Someone to Oversee Cybersecurity? - Financial-Planning.com

"Educate yourself on the requirements and know the protocols that your broker-dealer uses."

Onboarding Clients in The Robo Age - Investor's Business Daily  

"I don't see robos threatening my business. We're embracing the technology that's helping us grow."


Advisers React to Trump's DOL Fiduciary Rule Decision - InvestmentNews

“I'm not a fan of the fiduciary rule in particular because you can't create a rule and then an exception to the rule"


A Way to Save Heirs Lots in Capital Gains Taxes - The Wall Street Journal

"Dividing up the family business among siblings is probably one of the tougher jobs for advisers”


What is Shaping the Advice Business of Tomorrow? - InvestmentNews

"By being able to use technology more effectively, I saw lots of opportunities to create a better client experience and market more effectively, as well as bring down costs."

Robo Technology to Upend Wealth Management Industry - Yahoo Finance

"Clients should expect more from their advisors and a modern fiduciary approach is a step in the right direction"


5 Questions to Ask A Fiduciary - U.S. News & World Report

"The only way you are going to know is by directly asking how an advisor is being compensated."


The Worst Money Mistakes Young Americans Make - The Street

“The biggest mistake Millennials make with money has more to do with our behavior than anything else”


Getting Financially (and Mentally) Prepared for Retirement - Senior Finance Advisor

"A successful retirement is not merely measured in financial terms."

5 Risks of Investing in Marijuana ETFs - U.S. News & World Report

"By using an ETF, at least you're spreading the risk across several different cannabis-related stocks."

In Overvalued Market Investors Need Reality Check - Advisor News

"Our behavioral biases often times impact our decision-making process around money and investing".


Why Save for Retirement in Your Twenties - Investopedia

"For millennials, the most important thing about saving is getting started; compounding interest benefits those who invest over longer periods the most"


Older People Fear This More Than Death - MarketWatch

"Baby boomers today have higher expectations than their parents in regards to the retirement lifestyle they wish to live"

Should You Renew Your Life Insurance Policy? - Zing by Quicken Loans

"People who renew their term life policy often find that premiums have jumped significantly from when they first signed up."


Why Your Financial Adviser Should be Tech Savvy - Bankrate.com

"When clients have a question, it's answered by their advisor. The same person, every time"


Episode 26: Stephen Rischall and 1080 Financial Group - Chain of Wealth

"It's not how much money you make, rather how you save it and spend it."

From Fraud Victim to Finance Guru: Family Financial Tragedy Inspired my Business - Business News Daily

"Its outcome continues to fuel my passion for helping people become more aware of their finances and how today's decisions impact their future."


Retirement is Making People More Miserable Than Ever Before - MarketWatch

"The better you plan for retirement, the more likely you are to meet or exceed those expectations"

Spending Money the Smart Way During the Holidays - KNX 1070 News Radio

"You want to tell your money where to go, not wonder after the fact where it all went."


Why the Average Family hasn't Saved Enough for Retirement - AOL Finance

"Americans have a big problem with their immediacy bias, a tendency to prefer immediate benefits over longer-term gratification"


Don't Overlook the Micro Market - WealthManagement

"Participants' interaction with the online platforms is still very much reactive"

Big Decision for a Small Business - The Street

"SEP IRA is always pre-tax funds, as such, the business will receive a deduction for the tax year in which contributions are made."


The Rules on RMDs for IRA Beneficiaries - Investopedia

“Clients overwhelmingly choose to convert to an inherited IRA and take life expectancy payments"

How to Invest With Little Money - Zing by Quicken Loans

"By investing in a fund, you can diversify your holdings and spread the risk across many different companies."


The Scars of 2008 Are Exaggerating Your View of Current Market Volatility - The Street

“Many of my clients are Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers, and we have discussions about money and emotions regularly”


Why Would Your 401(k) Be Unavailable After You Leave a Job? - Investopedia

“If you are restricted from accessing your vested 401(k) funds, that is indeed illegal.”


7 Things You Should Spend Your Hard-Earned Cash On In Your Twenties - Verily

Young people should have at least three months’ worth of living expenses saved up in their bank account or otherwise readily available"


The Debate Over ETFs in 401(k) Plans - Institutional Investor

“It would negatively impact revenues collected by the insurance and investment companies providing the platform”


401(k) Lawsuits: How Employers Plan to Protect Themselves - Investopedia

“Plan sponsors are fiduciaries to the plans they've set up for their employees. Many employers don't understand the gravity of that responsibility”

Meet Stephen Rischall of 1080 Financial Group - VoyageLA

“I've made it my life's mission to learn everything I can about personal finance to help people make better financial decisions for their future.”


The Next Generation of Financial Advice for Family Businesses - AM830 Exit Coach Radio

“No one wants to talk about the what-ifs. If you think these discussions are tough on your family now, imagine how it will be when they’re emotionally vulnerable and you’re not there to speak up”


Finance Industry Pro's: MyRA Misses the Point - Fiduciary News

"The bottom-line is Americans are not saving enough to cover expenses through retirement"


Commercial Insurance: What Is It, & Do You Need It for Your Ecommerce Store? - Shopify Blogs

"When your business grows and starts to bring in significant revenue, that's when you really need to think about the next level of protection."

Use Metaphors, Not Jargon, When Talking With Clients - AdvisorIQ

“I’m more likely to pedal faster down trails that I’m familiar with and ride more slowly on new trails I don’t know, even if it’s an easier trail. The same goes for investing.”


Why Are Small Businesses Reluctant to Start 401(k) Plans? - The Retirement Advantage

“The cost to administer 401k plans prevents many small businesses from setting them up – the smaller the plan the larger the cost as a percentage of total plan assets.”


Compliance Headaches Coming for 401(k) Plan Sponsors - Fiduciary News

Investors should clearly understand the motivation and compensation that drives decision making for the firms managing their money. Conflicts of interest should be clearly communicated in plain English”


15 Ways to Save $5 a Day - GO BankingRates

“Being willing to walk or take public transportation can save you some serious cash depending on your driving habits and gas prices where your live”


The #1 Mistake Small Businesses Make with Finances - Point Blank

"Not planning ahead of time to align personal and family goals with the business"


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