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Financial Expert For MillenNials And ENTREPRENEURs

Millennials are dealing with a serious problem, their financial health.

Historic levels of debt, lackluster job growth, and a propensity to spend before saving; this problem is only getting worse. Fortunately, good advice and smart technology can help young people improve their financial future.

“If you're trusting someone with your financial decisions, they should have your best interest first.”
-Stephen Rischall  
Los Angeles Times

Stephen Rischall began investing when he was 13 and entered the financial services industry while still in college. He is the co-founder at 1080 Financial Group, a modern financial advisory firm in Los Angeles, California. Stephen has been recognized as one of the top young professionals in the financial services industry by InvestmentNews and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and live on KNX 1070 Money Hour.

Money Tip

"It's not how much you make, but how you save and spend that's most important."


Best Advice

"Life's not fair, tough shit, deal with it."


Favorite Quote

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

-Warren Buffet

After working for some of the largest national broker-dealer firms in the country, Stephen became frustrated with how the financial industry operated. It was setup to benefit large institutions and people that already had financial resources. There was no incentive to help those that needed it most, especially young people.

He realized the industry was filled with conflicts of interest, and he was no longer comfortable working in that environment. Growing up, Stephen experienced a situation in which his mother fell victim to financial fraud. Ultimately, this life experience fuels his passion for helping people make smart financial decisions that are in their best interest.

With help from technology and his business partner, Stephen has built a successful financial advice practice that helps all types of clients.Services once only available to the wealthiest investors can now benefit the masses.

Stephen is known as the “financial advisor that won’t retire before you do”, and provides expert financial planning for millennials and entrepreneurs. He has been a featured speaker and panelist sharing his practical personal finance knowledge with others across the country. One of his favorite speaking topics is “Money and Emotions”. Stephen is an avid adventurer and enjoys being outdoors mountain biking, skiing and gardening.

   KNX 1070 Money Hour  hosts Frank Mottek and Charles Feldman interview  Stephen Rischall , an expert in financial planning for millennials, to discuss challenges facing young people trying to save for retirement today.

KNX 1070 Money Hour hosts Frank Mottek and Charles Feldman interview Stephen Rischall, an expert in financial planning for millennials, to discuss challenges facing young people trying to save for retirement today.

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